Tips for business success in the e-commerce environment
Tips for business success in the e-commerce environment

Many companies are shifting to online retail, which means that business internet connections must be incredibly fast and reliable in order to meet customer demands and deliver a world-class experience. E-commerce is a driving force for growth, especially post-2020, so companies that are moving to online sales platforms need to work with a trusted internet service provider (ISP).

In 2020, e-commerce in South Africa grew by 66% and is now an industry worth an estimated R30-billion. This is according to a study by World Wide Worx titled Online Retail in South Africa 2021. Businesses need to capitalise on this movement or face being left behind. WonderNet now offers fibre to the business packages that will allow companies to benefit from world-class connectivity and set up competitive online stores of their own.

How to be successful in the e-commerce sector

Success comes down to a number of factors, so the following guidelines will help your business to establish itself in the online world. Firstly, find your differentiator. Business owners need to focus on what sets their offerings apart from competitors and make this known to customers. Why is your product or service better than the rest? By highlighting this fact, you can attract customers to your online offerings with greater ease.

As with business websites, e-commerce stores must be simple and intuitive. In your quest to deliver a leading online retail experience, remember to keep it simple and get the basics right. Make the customer journey as easy as possible and don’t overcomplicate the process of buying online. Online customers like to get in and out as quickly as possible, so optimise the e-commerce process as much as possible.

Showcase your products and services

Next, make sure that you showcase your products and services effectively on an online store. Be sure that your website is optimised for search engines (so that you show up on Google) and think about what your ideal customer will type into the search bar. Put your best products or offerings at the top of your site and make sure that you use an expert photographer to showcase your offerings in the best light.

South African shoppers like to buy products that fulfil a need, even if that need is simply one that is perceived. Write clear descriptions for your offerings and ensure that the customer knows why it’s useful or beneficial to them. This description should be short and sweet to concisely summarise the product’s purpose.

In addition, always ensure that you have stock available to avoid consumer dissatisfaction. It’s extremely frustrating when you find the perfect offering at a great price but then discover that there is no stock available. If you run out of stock, make this clearly visible on your e-commerce page.

Work with trusted partners and online experts

Since e-commerce sites can attract high volumes of traffic, you need to ensure that your website is always available and online. Seek help from online experts and find trusted ISP partners that can meet your expectations and needs. Let WonderNet be your fibre internet provider and benefit from connectivity at speeds of up to 1Gbps with a 99% uptime guarantee.

Our fibre to the business solutions start at just R599 per month and we cover many major cities and suburbs across South Africa. Simply search for your address on our homepage and see if we are in your area. For more information about our office fibre services or to get a quote for an internet upgrade, please contact us today or check if we’re connected to your address

WonderNet brings affordable broadband internet to South African homes. We work alongside leading fibre network providers to maximise our reach and to offer fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity to your home. We are owned by SEACOM; one of Africa’s top information and communications technology (ICT) companies with an expansive network of subsea cables, landlines and fibre connections. WonderNet strives to offer the best customer service in the country. We will go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their internet access.

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