WonderNet launches cyber wellness campaign with Rianette Leibowitz
WonderNet launches cyber wellness campaign with Rianette Liebowitz

WonderNet has teamed up with Rianette Leibowitz – a renowned cyber wellness and safety author, speaker, brand ambassador and founder of SaveTNet Cyber Safety. Our aim is to share direct insights from Rianette that will improve your cyber habits and online safety. These may include online privacy, parental guidance, protection of personal information and general advice.

So, who is Rianette? She is the author of ‘Raising a Screen Savvy Child‘, a cyber wellness expert, digital parenting thought leader and online safety change agent. Rianette is also a Brand South Africa Play Your Part Ambassador. She is on a mission to save lives by taking a more holistic view of our digital habits. 

Rianette is a cyber wellness and online safety expert

Rianette is a thought leader in the cyber safety sphere and uses a range of media, including television, written articles and podcasts, to share knowledge and information. She has spoken on global platforms, such as TEDx, the Global Leadership Summit and Campus Party International, to help her audiences become more responsible digital citizens. 

She regularly gives talks at schools, churches and businesses to empower a bigger ecosystem to work towards cyber-savvy citizens. Rianette has played a major role in the development of cyber safety toolkits for corporations and schools. As a result of her groundbreaking work, she has won many awards, including the “Women of Wonder Award 2020”.

Her partnership with WonderNet

Over the coming months, WonderNet will share some of Rianette’s insights and expertise to ensure that our customers get the most out of their fibre internet while remaining safe and protected online. Cyber security is incredibly important in this day in age. 

We’ve created a platform on our website, called the CyberSmart Hub, where we will post her articles and learn through her videos and downloadable resources. We’ll unpack the concepts of ‘cyber wellness’ and digital behaviour. Each article will have a specific focus, whether it be raising a child to be tech-savvy, how to handle cyberbullying at work, or simple digital habits to follow for parents.

We will also share these information nuggets from Rianette on our social media channels every Wednesday – so follow along by using #CyberWellnessWednesday. However, we are not stopping here! We are going into communities where Rianette, our CyberSmart Hub champion will empower schools and community groups through in-person presentations or webinars.

For more information about digital wellbeing and best practices online, keep an eye on our website. For a fibre internet upgrade to your home or office, please contact us today or check if we’re connected to your address.

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