What’s the difference between WonderNet and an FNO?
What’s the difference between WonderNet and an FNO?

Internet connectivity, whether at the home or office, involves a number of different businesses. While the customer may deal directly with their internet service provider (ISP), there are always other companies involved in the transmissions and delivery of fibre internet, such as fibre network operators (FNOs). 

WonderNet is an ISP and we work alongside many leading FNOs in South Africa to deliver world-class fibre internet to homes and offices. It is important to note that ISPs and FNOs have different functions and play different roles in the supply chain. So who are these companies and what are they responsible for? 

The difference between an ISP and FNO

In a nutshell, an ISP manages how customers receive their internet services, whereas an FNO manages the fibre optic infrastructure. This means that they own the fibre cables and data centres, whereas an ISP manages the speed and bandwidth of the internet coming from the FNO’s cables. 

As an ISP, WonderNet offers numerous packages to customers that vary in speed, bandwidth, data caps and other factors. Often, the price of these packages depends on the cost of using the FNO’s infrastructure. So while we may offer the same internet services in two different suburbs, the price may vary slightly based on the FNO that has set up the cables in both of those areas.

How WonderNet and FNOs work together

In order to successfully deliver high-speed and reliable fibre internet connectivity, both the ISP and the FNO need to work closely. The ISP is responsible for the end-user and the delivery of the right services, while the FNO is responsible for the maintenance of the fibre network infrastructure.

If there is a fault or a disruption, the customer will deal directly with their ISP. If the fault lies with the infrastructure, the ISP will liaise with the FNO to find the quickest possible solution. The quality of the internet and customer service relies heavily on the relationship between the two companies.

It is mutually beneficial for both the ISP and the FNO if the customer is happy with their internet quality and service delivery. Without a good business relationship between WonderNet and our fibre network partners, we could not deliver a stable, reliable and affordable internet connection to homes and offices in South Africa. For more information about our fibre offerings or to get a quote for a connectivity upgrade, please contact us today.

WonderNet brings affordable broadband internet to South African homes. We work alongside leading fibre network providers to maximise our reach and to offer fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity to your home. We are owned by SEACOM; one of Africa’s top information and communications technology (ICT) companies with an expansive network of subsea cables, landlines and fibre connections. WonderNet strives to offer the best customer service in the country. We will go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their internet access.

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