What’s the difference between fibre and WiFi?
Fibre optic cables for WiFi

Many South Africans use the terms ‘fibre’ and ‘WiFi’ interchangeably when referring to internet connectivity. However, there is a difference between the two; both fibre and WiFi are types of connection, but one supplies the other. WonderNet offers high-speed internet in South Africa and makes use of world-class fibre optic networks.

What is fibre?

Fibre is the general term used to describe a fibre optic network of cables that deliver internet from the main servers to houses and offices. It is currently one of the leading types of connectivity with some of the highest internet speeds on offer. A fibre connection can deliver connectivity to homes and businesses at speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Fibre optic cables are minute strands of glass – almost as thin as hair. These glass fibres carry data in the form of light pulses, meaning that information is sent and received at just under the speed of light. This makes fibre 1000 times faster than traditional cable internet and ADSL. Unlike ADSL, fibre connections do not get slower the further away they are located from the server.

What is WiFi?

Most homes and offices make use of WiFi (or wireless fidelity). This is a networking technology that uses radio waves to provide internet connectivity to nearby devices without the need for a physical connection. Multiple devices, such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, printers and TVs can connect to a WiFi router at the same time.

The essential difference between fibre and WiFi is that fibre provides connectivity from the regional internet servers to various exchanges in suburbs. From these exchanges, fibre cables run to each house or office. From there, it connects directly to the WiFi router, which transforms the light signals into radio waves.

WonderNet provides fibre internet connectivity through SEACOM’s network or via our partnerships with leading local fibre network operators (FNOs). We have internet packages for home and office use. For more information about our fibre offerings or to get a quote for a connectivity upgrade, please contact us today.

WonderNet brings affordable broadband internet to South African homes. We work alongside leading fibre network providers to maximise our reach and to offer fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity to your home. We are owned by SEACOM; one of Africa’s top information and communications technology (ICT) companies with an expansive network of subsea cables, landlines and fibre connections. WonderNet strives to offer the best customer service in the country. We will go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their internet access.

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